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Operation Instructions for Neodymium magnet with Bigger sizes

Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
I am glad to confirm that we received the whole purchase magnet on the scheduled time. As you promised all your products have a very high quality.

—— Mr. Roberto

The magnets have arrived, I thank you for the rapid dispatch. The quality of the magnets are great on the ones that have been inspected and tested.

—— Mr. David

We are well satisfied with your products.We have produced our product using the magnets we purchased from you.. So far ,everything goes well.

—— Huseyin

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Neodymium magnet manufacturers tell you what types of ferrite magnets can be divided into

Neodymium magnet manufacturers tell you what types of ferrite magnets can be divided into

Strong magnet manufacturers tell you what types of ferrite magnets can be divided into? According to the different magnetic properties and application conditions, ferrites can be divided into: gyromagnetic, moment magnetic, soft magnetic, permanent magnet, piezomagnetic, hard magnetic and other types

1. Gyromagnetic materials The gyromagnetism of magnetic materials refers to the fact that under the effect of two mutually straight and constant magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields, although plane-polarized electromagnetic waves are transmitted in a certain direction within the materials, their polarization planes will continue to be transmitted around. The phenomenon of direction rotation. Although metal and alloy materials also have certain gyromagnetic properties, they cannot be used because of low resistivity and large eddy current loss, and electromagnetic waves cannot deepen their interior. Therefore, the application of ferrite gyromagnetic material gyromagnetism has become a unique category of ferrite. Most of the gyromagnetic materials and the waveguides or transmission lines that carry microwaves constitute a variety of microwave equipment. It is mainly used in electronic equipment such as radar, communication, navigation, and telemetry.

2. Moment magnetic material This refers to the ferrite material with rectangular hysteresis loop. Its characteristic is that when there is a small external magnetic field effect, it can be magnetized and reach fullness. After the external magnetic field is removed, the magnetism remains the same as when it is full. Such as magnesium manganese ferrite, lithium manganese ferrite and so on. This kind of ferrite material is mainly used in the memory cores of various electronic computers and so on.

3. Soft magnetic materials. Such materials are easy to magnetize and demagnetize under a weak magnetic field, such as zinc-chromium ferrite and nickel-zinc ferrite. Soft ferrite is a kind of ferrite material that is widely used, has many types, large quantity and high output.

4. Permanent Ferrite A compound with a uniaxial anisotropic hexagonal structure. The main ones are barium, strontium, lead three ferrites and their composite solid solutions. There are same-sex magnetism and opposite-sex magnetism. Because this kind of ferrite materials can still retain strong and stable remanence properties for a long time after the external magnetization field disappears, and can be used to generate a constant and stable magnetic field in the external space. It is widely used, for example, as a permanent magnet in various electric meters, generators, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave equipment.

5. Piezomagnetic materials. These materials refer to ferrite materials that are mechanically elongated or shortened in the direction of the magnetic field during magnetization, such as nickel-zinc ferrite, nickel-copper ferrite and nickel-chromium ferrite. Piezomagnetic materials are primarily used as transducers for mutual conversion of electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy, and as magneto-elastic elements for ultrasound.

6. Hard magnetic materials Ferrite hard magnetic materials are not easy to demagnetize after being magnetized. Therefore, they are also called permanent magnetic materials or constant magnetic materials. Such as barium ferrite, steel ferrite, etc. It is mainly used in recorders, pickups, speakers, magnetic cores of various instruments, etc. in telecommunications equipment.

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