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Operation Instructions for Neodymium magnet with Bigger sizes

Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
I am glad to confirm that we received the whole purchase magnet on the scheduled time. As you promised all your products have a very high quality.

—— Mr. Roberto

The magnets have arrived, I thank you for the rapid dispatch. The quality of the magnets are great on the ones that have been inspected and tested.

—— Mr. David

We are well satisfied with your products.We have produced our product using the magnets we purchased from you.. So far ,everything goes well.

—— Huseyin

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Define the stable performance of neodymium iron boron magnets

Define the stable performance of neodymium iron boron magnets

There are mainly the following three performance parameters to determine the performance of NdFeB Magnets:

Neodymium iron boron magnet

   Remanence Br: After the permanent magnet is magnetized to technical saturation and the external magnetic field is removed, the retained Br is called the residual magnetic induction.

   Coercive force Hc: To reduce the B of the permanent magnet magnetized to technical saturation to zero, the required reverse magnetic field strength is called the magnetic induction coercive force.

   is called coercivity

  Magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnetic energy density established by the magnet in the air gap space (the space between the two magnetic poles of the magnet), that is, the magnetostatic energy per unit volume of the air gap. Since this energy is equal to the product of the Bm and Hm of the magnet, it is called the magnetic energy product.

     Magnetic field: The space that produces a magnetic effect on the magnetic poles is a magnetic field

 Surface magnetic field: the magnetic induction intensity at a specified position on the surface of the permanent magnet

      One type is soft magnetic, and Mgnet magnets are now mainly divided into two categories. One type of magnet is hard magnet. The concept of soft magnetism includes silicon steel sheet and this, soft magnet core; hard magnetism includes Alnico Samarium Cobalt ferrite and NdFeB. The most expensive samarium cobalt magnet is the highest performance neodymium iron boron magnet, and the cheapest ferrite magnet. But the AlNiCo magnetic steel with the best performance temperature coefficient is the most stable. Users can choose different hard magnetic products according to different needs. The magnets mentioned generally refer to Permanent magnets. Permanent magnets are divided into two categories. The first category of metal alloy magnets includes neodymium iron boron magnets NdFeB samarium cobalt magnets Sm aluminum nickel cobalt magnets LNi and the second category ferrite permanent magnets.

Neodymium iron boron magnet

   Material Ferrit. Neodymium iron boron magnet

  The magnet with the highest commercial performance was discovered. With extremely high magnetic properties, the maximum magnetic energy product BHmx is more than Ferrit times higher than that of ferrite. Its mechanical processing performance is also quite stable, and it is currently known as the Magneto. Therefore, its application is extremely wide. But because of its strong chemical activity, good. The operating temperature can reach up to 200 degrees Celsius.

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