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Operation Instructions for Neodymium magnet with Bigger sizes

Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
Good quality NdFeB Permanent Magnets for sales
I am glad to confirm that we received the whole purchase magnet on the scheduled time. As you promised all your products have a very high quality.

—— Mr. Roberto

The magnets have arrived, I thank you for the rapid dispatch. The quality of the magnets are great on the ones that have been inspected and tested.

—— Mr. David

We are well satisfied with your products.We have produced our product using the magnets we purchased from you.. So far ,everything goes well.

—— Huseyin

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What do You need to pay attention to when customizing curved strong magnets

What do You need to pay attention to when customizing curved strong magnets

As experienced customers in the industry all know, custom conventional magnets, we have a lot of things to note. With custom curved strong magnets, there are even more things to watch out for. Why do you say so? Because arc strong magnets belong to irregular magnets, customers have higher requirements for this kind of products.

Strong magnet Strong magnet

What are some of the things we can't ignore when customizing curved strong magnets? First of all, we should make clear the manufacturer's production experience, because the manufacturer with rich production experience, they will have the experience to customize how to pay attention to the details. Secondly, manufacturers with certain strength will pay more attention to the accuracy of products, because accuracy is very important to customers. If the accuracy is not appropriate, it is very easy to fail to meet the requirements. Thirdly, we should look at the successful cases of manufacturers. The more successful cases there are, the more favorable it will be for our customization.

Therefore, as a customer, the custom arc strong magnet, not to ignore things we must know, so as to avoid into the pit.

Everbeen Magnetic Industry Co., LTD is a professional magnet supplier. The company provides various kinds of high strength, precision, special-shaped strong magnet products. The cooperation factory has advanced magnet production and processing equipment, professional research and development production; From raw material smelting -- professional formula -- blank forming -- magnet finished products, can meet the needs of various magnets customers requirements.

At present, the NdFeB Magnet series products sold by our company have been widely used in electroacoustic, motor, horn, magnetic therapy, magnetic levitation, hardware plastic, electronic appliances, electric vehicles, wind power generation, aerospace technology and other high-tech fields.

Advantages of our magnet products:

1. Perfect product performance. N35~N52, temperature: -40°~230°, brands: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, VH, etc.

2. Complete product specifications (shapes). The company can produce conventional shapes such as 1-150 circles, rings, squares, trapezoids, etc., or according to the needs of different industries, special tile shape, sector, diamond, cone, T-shaped and other types of special-shaped products.

3. According to customers' different needs and the requirements of the product's working environment, we can deal with the surface: zinc (ZN), nickel copper nickel (NCN), nickel (Ni), gold (AN), copper (CU), Epoxy, etc. The products are in line with the authoritative SGS ROHS, REACH and other safety certification.

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